Is a Designer Dog for you?  Commonly called "Hybrid", this term is frequently used improperly.  Hybridization refers to the crossing of two completely different species as in the breeding of mules and generally render the offspring as infertile. Designer dogs are bred from "like" species and bred for specific reasons, of which the list is endless.  Some of the more common reasons for the mixing of breeds are temperament, coat, color, size, personality, intelligence, health and agility.

Genetically speaking, the cross'breeding of a dog, results in a healthier combination of the two specific breeds that are mated.  There is no guarantee that the health is 100% improved, but defects among the different breeds are typically a result of the combination of recessive and/or homozygous genes or alleles, that specific breeds harbor.  F1, or first generation cross breeds are the ultimate when it comes to getting an even mixture of both breeds.  Some breeders are proud to present further breeding of the cross breed and represent them generationally.  This practice is believed to liken the possibility of breeding back the predisposition to certain illness and genetic defects within that breed.  Our dogs are only first generation, as we believe them to be the truest form of the crossbreed and certainly the healthiest, creating what is commonly called "Hybrid Vigor".

Choosing your Cross Bred puppy, should be an educated decision, based on knowledge of both breeds used to " Design" the new addition to your family.  We highly recommend the research available through the American Kennel Club so that you can better determine whether your new puppy is a good fit for you.  Both Breeds should have attributes that suit your desires of what your dog will be like.  Does it get along well with children or other pets, is it suitable for hunting or agility, could it become a search and rescue dog, or perhaps it is best suited as a  companion dog?  In any event, familiarize yourself with both breeds and choose wisely.

Your New Puppy Is For Life!